The best things in life come by taking a chance...
Putting yourself out there
When everything is at stake
When the core of you is on the line
When you are most vulnerable
When you feel weak
We build this wall around ourselves to protect our assets...to keep out the bad…to keep negative effects from happening
But that wall also prevents the good from getting thru
We have to let down our guard
We have to deal with the disappointments
We have to keep our heart soft while maintaining a thick skin
We have to keep moving to stay alive!
Fear is the opposite of faith
Risk is full of fears, anxiety, worry and doubt
Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen
Believe in yourself
Believe in the power of mind over matter
Don't look at the damn obstacles
Know what you want and stop at nothing to get it!
Swallow your pride
Take a beating, fall down and scuff your chin
Don't be concerned about the scratches along the way
Learn from your setbacks
Don't lay there and wet on yourself
Get back up and charge forward!
Dig yourself out of the hole and climb to the surface again!
Hit the ground running!
Then when the good happens to you, you will know you deserved it!
You earned it!
Serendipity will attack you!
And remember...fortune will almost always come from a place you least expect it...luck will have no apparent connection to your struggle.
It just arrives!
Only wimps sit there and blame their circumstances.
They blame other people and think someone else owes them
No one owes us anything
It just is the way it is
No one is exempt from a hard life
It's just harder for those who don't evolve or improve themselves
Survival of the fittest
It's natural selection
We came into this life with nothing and we only leave with our character
What are you made of?
What is your resolve?
If you think you have to take from someone else or compromise your morals to get ahead...you're wrong
The only important thing we gain from this life is the self-respect of nobility
And don't be an arrogant pious jerk, when you get there
Turn to your neighbor and be some serendipity in their life!
That is what makes one superior!
That is what earns admiration and appreciation from everyone else
That is how I want to meet you
While you are pursuing of excellence

~ Kasey Cole Braun

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