If there is any area of your life where you are miserable or failing, here are the reasons why...
you are comfortable
that is it!
a rut, a routine, a complacent, monotonous, repetitive existence
oh change is occurring alright, but it is the environment around you changing...moving, shifting, closing in on you...
you stopped growing...
you settled...
set in your ways...
you make decisions based on convenience...
you are comfortably numb!
miserable, but it's not bad enough to do something about it!
in order to grow, you must streeeeeeeeeeeetch yourself
there must be constant experiments if you wish to be innovative with your life
the cutting edge...it's out there...the fringe where you fear to venture
that edge is risk!
your comfort zone is your failure zone
you must change!
you must evolve!
you must metamorphis!
from the inside out!
get out of your self-made box!
shed your skin!
everything in life is either growing or decaying
nothing else!
you may think stagnant is somewhere inbetween!
that is decay also, because it is perishing from within! Rotting!

the key to your future can be found in your daily habits
if you continue your habits now for the next five years, you will only have more of what you already got!!!
now what are you gonna do today to make yourself uncomfortable?
if you can't think of anything or don’t start doing those things, then welcome to the rest of your life!
bite the bullet and swallow hard coz it doesn't get any better than this!
Look in the eyes of those who have let their dream get extinguished.
What do you see but someone who has died in their spirit and only waiting for their body to catch up!
undo the trap you set for yourself...NOW!!!
Do not wait for the right time, the right place, the right feeling, the right mood, and never wait for someone else to act first!

Kasey Cole Braun
May 2007

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