The Answer Is Always Right In Front Of You

The answer is always right in front of you

it always is

but we aren't looking!

we want to find solutions within the familiar

we want to find it in places we've always known

we resist change

we resist BEING changed

we want comfort...we want convenience!
the path of least resistance

the future is easily predicted
for those who repeat the same patterns!

but that does not grow our spirit

that does not streeeeetch you!

someone walks into our life

they think differently, they challenge us to defend what we are made of

they probably contradict everything we always believed to be true

but they have a different truth

embrace them

learn from them


adjust your mind into an open learning position
or the world will automatically program your mind for you
and the world will always program your life too small
constricted, stagnant and decay!

there is something to learn from everyone
especially from those who bring you love...they will give acceptance for who you are and inspire you to become better!

Kasey Cole Braun

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