You Have To Begin With The End In Mind

The pilot light blew out again; I can smell it
Blue moons endlessly piling up next to the trash can
My house is full of cigar smoke...and bad breath
There's no comfort for this heat wave...just like hell
The man upstairs is on another drinking binge
Perhaps He'll come down and save the world with his computer
Prophecies must be fulfilled eventually...
Eventually the world ends with the beginning in mind
The workstation had no power for a while; we broke bread instead
I couldn't think of anything better to do, so I balanced the finances
The night before I killed a spider creeping along the file cabinet
Today its mate bit my girlfriend thrice
On the ankle, on the wrist, on the fist
To my surprise I caught the wolf drinking from the toilet bowl
He must be dehydrated after ripping a hole in the screen door
Pestilence arrives unannounced everyday between dusk and lunch
An army of ants digging tunnels thru the sugar shaker
But they are good at cleaning up their own mess
This cycle always repeats itself
Because no one is thinking ahead
You have to begin with the end in mind

~ Kasey Cole Braun

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