Repair The World

After any great trauma...any crisis...
After the shock subsides and the nerves stop twitching.
You settle down to the new condition of things,
because you know that all possibility of any more change
has been used up!
You see the pattern finally...because you stepped back
far enough to see the whole picture.
But it's too late now to do anything but accommodate yourself to it.
And that's it.
There's nothing left to do
or say
that God and nothing have a lot in common.
The end.

What you don't know...
is that you're wrong!

Every event has unforeseen and unknowable implications, and that all actions and all persons are connected to other actions and other persons.
People's actions influence the fates of others.
What you do affects me. What I do affects you.
We are all responsible for our time here.
Do not waste it.
Stop looking for the meaning of your life.
Invent it. Create it.
Give life some of your own meaning...for yourself...and for others.
Make an impact.
Your existence matters to everyone.
Have the strength to overcome your own self-reflection.
If you aren't on a path of improvement, then you are stagnant with potential for decay.
Slowly rotting from the inside.
Willfully transcend the events of your decisions with a positive attitude to find truth in them.
And that my friends, is how you recover from the tragedy of disappointment.

~ Kasey Cole Braun

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