The Earth Where I Live

the earth where I live
is taking a shower right now
the soil greeting raindrops
with sponge-like embrace
as I sit here next to a vanilla candle
the flame flickering
as the wind whispers nothing
thru the open window
the music of nature's activity
is silenced by the dominant sounds
rhythm of colliding leaves
precipitation pelting everything in it's path
the rumble of dancing clouds
the breeze feels so refreshing
the smell of spring in the air
converting to summer's promise
as I run, the river runs heavy
the wolf looked up toward me
a sigh in his voice
the birds are staying indoors
for a late night communion
as tomorrow they feast
when the vegetation gives birth
to critters and slithering creatures
that speckle the inches between life
and more life
the flowers will open their eyes
to the morning sun
and grin
for they know their fate
is destiny of fragrance
and visual appeal
tonight I am thankful
for the serenity
of falling sky

~ Kasey Cole Braun

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